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Diapers are one of the essential things you’ll need for your baby. Making sure your little one’s bum stays clean and dry is crucial for baby’s comfort and to avoid diaper rash. Expect to become a diaper-slinging pro, since newborns typically soil 10 or more diapers a day. That’s more than 300 changes in the first month. (But who’s counting?)

Do You Need Disposable Diapers?


You’ll definitely need diapers. Whether you choose cloth, disposable or a combination of both depends on what works for your family. Some parents rely on cloth diapers most of the time, but switch to disposables for overnight wear, daycare or when they’re out and about. (Here’s our guide to figuring out how many diapers you’ll need.)

Cloth can save you money over the long run (especially if you plan to have more kids) and is better for the environment. But there’s no denying that disposables are more convenient, and many parents use disposables exclusively.

What Type of Disposable Diaper is Best?

There’s no shortage of diaper options on the market. But the most important consideration is whether the diaper works for your baby. You might find your newborn’s skin reacts to one brand and not another.

Factors that might sway you toward one brand over another include:

  • Cost
  • Softness
  • Absorbency
  • Fragrance (or none)
  • Environmental impact

How Do You Figure Out the Right Size Diaper?


Keep in mind that each diaper brand can have a different fit around the waist and legs, so it’s a good idea to try different ones. A good fit means less leakage and blowouts—better for you, your baby and your washing machine.

If you begin experiencing issues with a diaper you and your baby already liked, it’s probably just time to move up a size. (Newborn sizes go up to about 10 lbs, so your little one will probably grow into the next size around one month, depending on how much they weighed when they were born.)

For example, here are diaper sizes for Pampers Swaddlers:

  • Preemie: Up to 6 lbs
  • Newborn: Up to 10 lbs
  • Size 1: 8 - 14 lbs
  • Size 2: 12 - 18 lbs
  • Size 3: 16 - 28 lbs
  • Size 4: 22 - 37 lbs

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