About the factory: we own the quality standard system with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 certificates.

About products: our products have CFS registration certificate in Vietnam and US FDA certification.


With solid financial resources and distribution channels after more than 6 years of operation, the company is constantly developing and creating many products. Meeting the needs of each customer, not only serving domestic consumers but also meeting the needs of export to the international market.


Vinatoken team always adheres to quality regulations and safety procedures to produce products of the best quality.

Our products meet quality standards such as: ISO 9001:2015, FDA, GMP, CE,…


LA Green Tech always innovates and launches many different product lines with the most optimal price, but still retains the core value of Smart – Friendly products to deliver to consumers. We always aim to benefit the community with meaningful volunteer programs that take place every year.



The combination of Long An Green Technology Company and the leading diaper manufacturing company has launched a baby diaper product line according to European quality standards.

At ENJOYBABY we care about every stage of your baby’s development from birth to the moment he takes his first steps. We have researched and researched to produce many quality and safe product lines suitable for each stage. We always accompany your baby every step of the way – like a hug that always protects him on every journey.

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Produced from natural ingredients at Interkos factory – which has produced favorite brands: Innisfree, Natural Rebulic, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, LG,… Beskinaty stands out with a duo of Ampoule and Snail Cream Anti-aging – intensive skin regeneration distributed in Korea and Vietnam, gaining Certification GMP issued in Korea to ensure the highest standard of production and service provision.

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FAMOLIFE – Hygiene care product line for the elderly who need the simplest and fastest cleaning assistance.

Soft – gentle and absorbent, making cleaning and care easier. FAMOLIFE launches a line of support products for carers and caregivers, bringing comfort and peace in life.

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Coming to Shian, cleaning and sanitizing becomes the easiest and fastest.
Shian has produced a line of specialized cleaning wipes for cleaning all surfaces. Includes: kitchen towel, glass cleaning cloth, cabinet cleaning cloth, ….
Thanks to the specially formulated design, cleaning is cleaner, faster and with a more pleasant scent.
Shian specialized wet wipes are a modern combination of dry towels and cleaning solutions in one product. The cleaning becomes quick and easy instead of having to add detergent, safe for hands, especially not irritating to women’s skin.

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CaeMedi is one of the suppliers of medical products, which is appreciated for its growing products and is widely popular in the healthcare organization environment in Vietnam and the world. CaeMedi always focuses on the quality of each product, meeting the product needs of each channel such as: Hospitals, Clinics, Spas, Dental Clinics, … in the Vietnamese market in particular and for the export market in general. . We always aim to be the leader in the healthcare market.

Products of CaeMedi is made in the factory Long An Green Technology – this is the place to produce high-quality medical masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) products that meet export standards to the most demanding markets in the world. gender as: America, Europe, Japan, Australia,…

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