BESKINATY which natural’s product is made at Interkos factory, manufacturer of famous skincare : Nature Republic, The Face shop, Innisfree, Etude house….



Our products contain the purest naturally derived ingredients and are free from harmful toxic chemicals.


We believe that what you put on your skin should never be a mystery, therefore we list all of our ingredients in plain English, and include a ‘best before’ date on all our skincare so you know exactly what’s in your product, and that you’re applying only the freshest ingredients to your skin.


Our products are designed using the richest, most nutritious premium natural ingredients to ensure they are effective on all skin types, even the most sensitive. Your feedback and the beauty awards we continue to receive prove the effectiveness of our products time and time again.

Bamboo skin mask

- Hydrating.
- Refreshing.
- Whitening.

Bio skin mask

- Firming.
- Moisturizing.
- Brightening

Repair Intensive Ampoule 

- Whitening.
- Moisturizing.
- Wrinkle-improving.
- Soothing.

Snail Repair Perfect Cream

- Contains 60% of Snail Secretion Filtrate.
- Snail Secretion Filtrate and Peptide fill your skin with moisture and nutrition for healthier skin, while the sticky massage formula becoms richer as you pat to add resilience to your skin.



BESKINATY manufactures quality skin products, we have a product for everyone.  
As a GMP 22716 certified Company you can be assured that both our products and service is of the highest standard.

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- The combination of LA Green Tech  and the diaper’s manufactory make ENJOYBABY’s diaper as European standards of quality control.

- A diaper is on your baby all day long, every day and night, more than any other garment. So nothing is more important than how it feels against your baby’s skin

- ENJOYBABY diaper are designed to give your little one a comfy fit over time no matter what stage  your baby is in. So from newborn all the way through potty training, we have something for your baby every step of the way – like a hug they can take with them

- Our mission is to provide the highest quality diapers available. We strive to treat each customer like family and are proud to be reducing landfill waste every day as we work to make our planet a healthier, happier place.

- Having safe product begins with using only safe raw materials. We buy materials from some of the world’s most reputable suppliers that meet the most demanding  regulatory safety standards.

Underpads: 28 gsm, 35 gsm

- Underpads use for baby or women postnatal or old parents move difficutly or the patient time lying in bed.

Underpads N56

- Quality performance day & night.
- Gentle on skin.

Baby open diapers: S40, M38, L36

- Quality performance day & night.
- Gentle on skin.

Medium pack baby pull-ups diapers: S24, M22, L20, XL18, XXL16
Large pack baby pull-ups diapers: M40, L36, XL 32, XXL28

- Super absorbent.
- Natural care.
- Air release 100%.

Medium pack Enjoybaby pull-ups diapers: S24, M22, L20, XL18, XXL16

- Super absorbent.
- Natural care.
- Air release 100%.

Aloe Vera wet wipes - 80 sheets

- Enriched with Aloe Vera Extracts for a soft and moisturised feel.
- Ideal for cleansing during diaper change.

Chamomile wet wipes - 80 sheets

- Helps keep skin calm with antioxidants and antibacterial properties.
- Ideal for cleansing during diaper change.

Multi Vitamin wet wipes - 80 sheets

- Garden breeze: Blend of jasmine, rose and citrus with leaf.
- Ideal for cleansing during diaper change.

Aloe Vera wet wipes - 50 sheets

- Wet wipes enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E keep your baby clean and fresh at all times while ensuring the baby's skin remain moisturised.

Aloe Vera wet wipes - 20 sheets

- Gentle cleansing.
- Natural care.
- Soft and thick.

Hand towels wetlaid

- Good for the consumers - Safety.
- Good for the environment - Biodegradable in natural.
- Good absorbent, soft, thick, toughness.

Hand towels non-woven fabric

- Good absorbent, soft, thick, toughness.
- Use as towel cloth.
- Can be use in dry or wet when used.

Unscented wet wipes - 80 sheets

- Unscented.
- Gentle cleansing.
- Natural care.
- Soft and thick.

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FAMOLIFE is adult diapers, frequently referred to as adult nappies, are ideal for bedridden or frequently immobile patients with moderate to heavy urinary incontinence. Adult diapers are not just for bed ridden individuals - you can live a full and active lifestyle, even with incontinence.

FAMOLIFE adult diapers form a total absorbency system with advanced leakage protection. Double layered super absorbent gel core ensures maximum absorbency. Leg cuffs, elastic and refastenable side tapes provides a snug fit and ensures protection from leakage. Extra locking layer locks the liquid immediately and keeps the user dry and clean and wetness indicator fades in colour when the diaper needs changing.


Tã dán người lớn: M10, L10

- Giúp tăng cường độ thấm hút và giữ bề mặt tã luôn khô thoáng.
- Thiết kế mở tiện thay trong tư thế nằm giúp việc chăm sóc trở nên thật dễ dàng.

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CAEMEDI is one of Vietnam’s fastest growing and innovative medical consumable supplies, offers cost effective and affordable products which meet your health care needs.

CAEMEDI has dedicated resource to become a leading player in the healthcare market. We are large enough to be competitive with all other healthcare supply companies, but keep a family business mentality when it comes to listening to our customers’s needs.

We have acted as a distribution channel for a grand variety of products within the medical field; this has allowed us to obtain a particular experience and knowledge of the actual needs caused by the various on going changes that are present in this market.

CAEMEDI is high quality healthcare products, serves the needs of hospitals, surgical center and more throughout Vietnam and worldwide.

Medical mask 3 plies

- Disposable face mask.
- Anti-dust, anti-bacteria, anti-chemiscal.
- BFE >= 98 %.

Medical mask 4 plies

- Disposable face mask.
- Anti-dust, anti-bacteria, anti-chemiscal.
- BFE >= 98 %.

Activated carbon surgical mask

- Disposable face mask.
- Anti-dust, anti-bacteria, anti-chemiscal.
- BFE >= 98 %.

Isolation coverall

- Which is usually used in the hospital, chemical industry, food industry, laboratory, etc. Its role is to isolate germs, harmful ultra-fine dust, etc., to ensure the safety of personnel and to keep the environment clean. 

Protective gown - Microporous non-woven fabric

- Costumes used for officials and employees in pharmaceutical factories, electronic component links, preventive medicine,...Used in environments with strict requirements on cleanliness.

Hand sanitizer 500ml

Bacterial sprays 100ml

Hand sanitizer 100ml

Surgical gown - Alpha waterproof non-woven fabric

Surgical gown - SMMS non-woven fabric

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Less time spent on cleaning !!!

SHIAN moistened wipes are a modern combination of a wipe and a cleaning liquid in one product. Cleaning becomes quick and easy since no additional liquids, cream cleaners or a bucket are needed. The wipes are single use , scented, hygienic, and save a lot of time you can spend on things that are much more pleasant than cleaning.

SHIAN wipes a range of specialist products that allow you to keep the entire house clean. Thanks to their unique formulas, none of the nooks and crannies of your home will be a problem in terms of cleaning. The wipes also leave a pleasant fragrance after cleaning.


Dry sheet face mask

- Moisturizing.
- Brightening.
- Smoother skin.

Kitchen cleanser wipes 50 sheets

- To clean grease.
- Clean and shiny.
- Remove odors.

Handy wipes

- Washable, multi use
- Dries quickly, reusable
- Cleans up spills
- Use wet or dry
- Use: Great for kitchen, bathroom and all around the house

Kitchen wipes 45 sheets Shian

- Easy to remove oil, greasy and sticky dirt, leaving no trace
- Not irritate the skin of the hands
- Bigger and stronger than normal wipes for tougher cleaning occasions
- Leave a pleasant, refreshing scent

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